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    Shenzhen Xin’huan new-environmental Mechanical Engineering & Equipment Co., LTD, in which Xin’huan means new-environmen, is a large joint stock enterprise that mainly deals with producing environmental protection mechanical & electrical equipments and the complete set of those equipments, engineering design including its turnkey project. Xin’huan Co.,also deals with importing and exporting the environmental protection mechanical & electrical equipments, investing and running environmental projects.   

    Taking the responsibility of developing China’ s environment protection industry, our enterprise is committed in research and develop advanced environment protection products and process engineering, in producing the world’s first class special equipment for environment protection. Xin’huan Co.,has been granted with many honors in these years and become not only China’s model enterprise for “Revitalizing the Enterprise by Quality and Striving for Establishing Brand Name” but also the key enterprise in the Guangdong environment protection industry. 

    Top products for the special use of environment protection like Belt filter press, Sedimentation tank sludge scraper & suction dredger, and other Mechanically cleaned screens for wastewater treatment have been through the certification in production and also have obtained the title of “National Brand-name Product”. Many projects like the sewage treatment of municipal, dyeing industry, electroplating industry, paper making industry, hospitals, Biological odor treatment equipment, Pollutant on-line monitoring equipment are conferred with the honor of “Most Satisfying Consumer” and “Environmental Protection Excellent Model Engineering”.

    The number of employees of our enterprise in the list is over 500. More than 200 of the employees get college degree, over 30 of who get the intermediate title or above, majoring mechanical manufacture, environmental engineering, water supply and drainage, project budget, electrical and automation control, and so on. Xin’huan Co., is a new Hi-tech enterprise in Shenzhen.  After ten years’ regulated and credit management, Xin’huan is getting more and more famous, and the demand for products and labors is over supply, the scale of the enterprise getting larger and larger. Every year our enterprise creates the value of environmental friendly productions and the complete set of environmental protection equipments more than RMB 200million yuan.

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