Fluoro Guided Steroid Injection of the Hip

Now being offered at our

Warren & Edison Imaging Centers

Used to diagnostically differentiate pain of the lumbar origin from pain of the hip joint origin.

  • Under fluoro guidance the radiologist will confirm intrarticular


  • The radiologist will then inject a few ccs of 1% Lidocaine and

Depo-Medrol (40 to 80mg per the patient prescription).

  • Following the procedure, the radiologist will ask the patient to get off the table, perhaps take a few steps and get in and out of a chair to assess if they note an immediate change in their symptomatology.

  • The radiologist will note their observation in the report. The patient will then be asked to keep a diary/log over the following days (until their follow-up visit with their physician) to note what the time course of their recovery, if any, might be.

  • Patients on blood thinner or anti platelet drugs need to be identified before exam is scheduled.

  • Use CPT Code: 20610
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